"Apple cider vinegar is one of those things people think can do anything" my friend Doran said. BLOG POST LIGHT BULB! So much to talk about and also such fall vibes. It is true, akin to coconut oil, what cant ACV be used for?! 

Apple cider vinegar benifits

My OG purchase of ACV was actually not for any of the wellness benefits listed below but for FRUIT FLIES. I never had this problem back in Massachusetts, but everywhere I have lived in Austin I have had a horrible fruit fly ish. One way to deal with fruitflies is trapping them in a bottle with some apple cider vinegar. 

The list of health benefits from consuming apple cider vinegar is virtually endless and broad af. 

  • helps with joint pain, neck pain and arthritis with anti-inflammatory properties
  • regulates blood pressure
  • assists in getting deeper sleep
  • lowers cholesterol
  • clears sinus infections and allergies because of it's high level of potassium
  • enzymes aid in metabolism and digestion
  • helps you stay full longer
  • curves sugar cravings
  • help constipation
  • reduces acid reflux (I found this ironic I would have speculated it would cause acid reflux!)
  • helps your body absorb more nutrients from food

As if that was not enough, ACV can be used externally as well!

  • use as toner on to relieve eczema and redness
  • treat sunburn
  • treat bug bites
  • eliminate body odor


Apple cider vinegar benefits


How do I consume ACV you ask?

Do not drink this strait unless you enjoy the feeling of tossing back vodka shots. For those who are hard core you can dilute with just water, maybe even add a squeeze of lemon juice. I like to drink it in some hot tea with lemon. Although to be honest, I do not despise the bitter taste, something about the heat makes it less overpowering. If you are turned off by the taste but want to reap the benefits, try drinking with a straw to bypass your taste buds. 

One night this summer I was attending a cookout party and my body was telling me that alcohol was not what it wanted that night. I wanted to bring myself a beverage to keep myself from getting fomo. Naturally I turned to ACV because it honestly tastes like a cocktail. I mixed a little bit of juice, some sparkling water, ACV, and lemon juice to make what I thought was a delicious mocktail.  Some of my friends thought this was very strange but I stand by it!


ACV is also a great ingredient in salad dressings. 

Here is a recipe for cilantro lime quinoa salad that looks amazing!

Very refreshing veggie salad recipe here

This is really fun - next time your at Target they sell a beverage by Suja literally called "Drinking Vinegar." I have tried it and absolutely loved it. The taste resembles kombucha but less carbonated. It would not be economical to get in the habit of drinking these pre-made ACV drinks but would be a great place to try it before buying the bottle to make it yourself! 

What kind of ACV do I buy?

When buying ACV there are two key terms to look for; "unfiltered" and "unpasteurized." Unfiltered means that the good bacteria was not removed from the liquid and unpasteurized means that it was not heated to kill any bacteria. The good stuff will look a little murky with some bacteria floating around like in kombucha. Don't be put off by this its the beneficial part! 


Fine Print

* I would not recommend consuming ACV on a completely empty stomach. Even though ACV brings good things to your stomach, your body will definitely feel the ACV if its the only thing in there. 

* Another piece of irony - properties of ACV strengthens bones and teeth however too much ACV touching your teeth is not good due to its high acidity. Try using a straw! 


Hate the taste? Try a ACV bath!!

I probably have not taken a bath since I was a toddler. That is until recently. I've always felt a little turned off by baths who knows what bacteria is in my tub. But I was really craving the relaxation this month and decided to give it a try. And let me tell you, I wish I came up with this sooner! All my stress melted away down the drain. A funny habit ive gotten into is reading my textbook for class in the tub haha. I find that I lose focus when I'm reading on dry land.... but submerged in hot water there is no where else I need to be. 

That was a tangent but a good introduction to the idea to put ACV in the tub!  Just add 1 - 2 cups to the bath water and soak away. As mentioned above this will reduce redness, itchyness, make you smell natural and amazing, and even make your skin and hair super smooth! Lana Pinchasov, a Dermatology PA in NYC claims “I’ve been using apple cider vinegar off-label to treat warts and fight bacterial infections—as well as combat yeast infections on the skin and scalp—for years.” If your not up for being fully submerged in ACV water she says she has her patients apply some with a cotton ball to areas of interest. I officially took my first ACV bath last night and I am here to say that I endorse this. My skin feels silky smooth! I already have a kitchen and a bathroom jar of coconut oil,  I guess i need some ACV in my bathroom now too! 

Apple cider vinegar benifits

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