summer roll lunch recipe

summer rolls - perfectly packable - for when your bored of packing salad for lunch


This fancy lunch is surprisingly easy to make, not to mention fun! There are so many possibilities of filler combinations using things you already have in your refrigerator. I'm going to share the recipe for one of the summer rolls I've made but I really do switch up my ingredients depending on what I have. The rice paper wraps were very easy to find and shockingly affordable. I found a 50 sheet of them in the Asian section of a generic grocery store for a few dollars! Lunches for DAYS!

suggested ingredients:

  1. rice paper wraps{in the Asian section of your typical grocery store}
  2. tofu 
  3. rice or rice noodles
  4. sliced mango
  5. chopped carrots{I buy them already in this form}
  6.  avocado slices
  7.  arugala
  8.  fresh mint 
  9.  cabbage
  10.  crushed cashews or peanuts
  11. soy sauce or coconut aminos
  12.  *rice vinegar
  13. *tahini



  1. cook rice according to package. I use 1 - minute rice!
  2. fry tofu in a frying pan until the side start to be crispy.
  3. lay out all your other filler ingredients to be easily accessible.
  4. here's the fun part! the rice paper sheets are in the form of a stiff plasticy circle. It is hard to believe that they will ever be in roll form. run the sheet under water for a second or two until the whole surface has been touched by water. Place the sheet on a plate and it will start to become flimsy and sticky within seconds.
  5. place all your ingredients in the center of the paper in any order you want. 
  6. to roll up your summer roll first fold in the two ends to keep ingredients from falling out. then wrap the sides around to form the burrito-like wrap. The paper sticks to itself like plastic wrap!
  7. while your letting the rice paper dry which only takes a few minutes prepare your dipping sauce. I usually mix soy sauce, rice vinegar, tahini and some leftover crushed nuts. But Just soy sauce would be good too!
summer roll lunch recipe

other filler ideas:

  1. quinoa
  2. lettuce
  3. chicken
  4. cucumbers
  5. peaches
  6. shrimp
  7. zucchini
  8. peppers