Hello friends, happy December! I apologize that I have not posted quite some time, I have been very busy with a project for school. My partner Kelsey and I have been designing a hypothetical ballet school and performance venue in downtown Austin.  We gave our final presentation on Friday and I am feeling so much relief and pride for how much work we put in! Now that that is over I am very excited to get my content content back on!

I made this gift guide of some cute things on Etsy from some of my favorite shops. if you have any favorite Etsy shops i would love to hear about them in the comments! 

etsy gift guide 2017

1. tray // depeapa

2. tote //  depeapa

3. sketchbook // worthwhilepaper

4. ceramic bowl //  fyofyo

5. earrings //  lumafina

6. terrazzo print //  completistlondon

7. 3 friends print // meszley

8. fuzzy bag // cloudandrock

9. macrame wall hanging // mattsonmadeshop

10. kilim pillow //  kauwa

11. homes print // depeapa

12. house tissue box // 


* if you want to check out my etsy shop - stop by here! my latest etsy endevour is pen and ink illustrations :) *