Keeping a "Highlights of the Day" journal is one of the most important things I do to feel content. I contribute so much of my positivity to this habit that only takes five minutes a day. This is my OG bullet journal. 

The tradition started back when I spent my summers at a girls sleep-away camp in Massachusetts called Chimney Corners. Every night before going to bed we sat around in a circle on the floor of our cabin around a single candle. This was a time to calm down from all of the days activities and reflect on everything we did. We would go around in a circle and share the highlight of our day with our cabin-mates. Its so easy to forget most of the things that happen in a day because we get so busy with so many things and start looking forward to tomorrow. 

I find that negative thoughts, exhaustion, and stress surface at the end of the day and it is so easy for me to think I didn't have a great day. But I have never sat down to write my highlight of the day and not been able to think of something. Sometimes the smallest interactions make me feel so fulfilled. 

I have tried journaling or keeping a diary so many times in my life but that habit has never stuck. I have been keeping a highlights journal for 7 years now! Of course I miss a days here and there but its hard to get myself to do it when I know I'm only committing to writing one or two bullet points when I pick up my pen. Prior to this my journals were usually long rants when I was really upset about something and then a month of no journaling in between. I think the magic of a highlights journal is that its just highs, no lows, I can write about my lows elsewhere. I love flipping back through my highlights and smiling about little things all over again that I forgot had happened. 


If your like me, you are always on the hunt for the perfect pen. This is my current favorite, it has the perfect amount of juice and has a ridiculously fine tip 0.25 to be exact.