Easy Peach taco dinner recipe. Gluten free dairy free vegan tacos.

Peach Tacos  ~ Recipe for Two ~

Freshman year of college, my first southern winter, had a surprising amount of "snow days." Although it did not really snow it was cold for Texas standards. My design professor at the time came into studio one day looking distraught. When we asked her what was upsetting her she replied "I lost sleep thinking about how sad I feel for the peaches in Fredricksburg!"  Every time I look at a peach now I think of Judy's undeniable affection for the little fruit and smile. Almost four years later and 100 degrees warmer, me and a few friends recently went on a day trip to Fredricksburg. Fredricksburg is a tiny German town in the Hill Country  that looks like a Texas inspired movie set. Its known for tourist shops, peach farms, and wine tastings. The drive from Austin is pretty much one long highway through an abyss of dry grass. We knew we were close to town when the road was lined with little barns and hand-painted signs for peach farms. "There's something romantic about peaches. strawberries are sexy romantic, peaches are lets-grow-old-together romantic" said my friend Lindsay as we pulled into town. 


"Strawberries are sexy romantic, peaches are lets-grow-old-together romantic."


Since this trip I've been in quite the peach eating phase! Its perfect timing being that were currently in the peak of peach season. This peach taco recipe is a new one for me! I really love the combination of fruit in unexpected and savory places. 

Ingredients [serves 2]:

  • 1 large peach
  • 1 lime
  • 1 - 2 shallots
  • 1 can of corn 
  • lentils {1 cup}
  • green cabbage {1 cup}
  • 6 corn tortillas 
  • chili powder {1 tsp}
  • cooking oil {2 tsp}
  • hot sauce *optional 


  1. Cook lentils according to package (this may take around 30 minutes) 
  2. Dice shallots. Sautée shallots, corn and chili powder with cooking oil on a higher temperature in a saucepan until corn begins to char. Turn down the heat and let sit and stay warm.
  3. Slice avocado and peaches
  4. Heat tortillas in another pan
  5. Fill tortillas with lentils and corn mixture. Top with cabbage and avocado then peaches. Squeeze lime juice onto each taco and top with hot sauce. 

These tacos were amazing and quite a new flavor pallet. I don't know how I had leftovers... but I'm happy I did. I put the leftovers in a tuperware on top of a bed of cabbage and brought it to work for lunch as a refreshing salad the next day!