• WELL / AWARE SHOW Episode 016: Expressing your truest self with artist Satsuki Shibuya.

This was a very unique interview about how Satsuki became a minimalist water-colorist. She explains how she did not feel complete until she came across this passion. The journey to finding this alignment had some surprising effects on her health. Satsuki also describes her ability to read auras. I like the way she describes what minimalism means to her in the watercolor medium. 

Follow Satsuki on Instagram, I love her commentary on her work. 

  • CLEVER - Amy and Jaime [the founder of Design Milk] inverview designers about not only their design strategies but also how their upbringings molded how they think. 


  • Artist: Ley Line Album: Field Notes - This is a local girls group here in Austin. I saw them perform at the Coffee Shop / Bar called RADIO one night when I was there alone working on my computer. They describe their genre as "dreamy world fusion free folk and acoustic soul." They incorperate folk songs in different languages that they learn while traveling.