DIY Eye Pillow

How many times do you see something in a store and say "I can make that!" but then never do? I am a major culprit of this, I definitely get it from my mom. But this time I actually followed through! I have seen similar eye pillows at multiple stores this year. I wondered to myself who is the first person to decide that a pattern of eyeballs is going to be trendy in decor in 2017??? But I dig it's creepy cuteness! I made this pillow cover in less than two hours and you can too! I did use a sewing machine for this one, if you do not have a sewing machine this is easy enough that you can sew it by hand (or even use fabric glue!)

What you'll need:

  1.  1 yard of white cotton canvas fabric 
  2.  fabric scissors 
  3.  black acrylic paint
  4.  paint brush 
  5. iron
  6.  pillow insert 14"x14" (you can find these at ikea or amazon link below) 
  7.  sewing machine, needle and thread -or- fabric glue 

step 1.

Cut your yard of fabric so that it is 22 inches by 36 inches (1 yard). Once you have the correct amount of fabric, cut your fabric in half so you have two pieces each 18" by 22". I used a ruler to measure 18 from the top and bottom corners and marked with a pencil. 

Next, cut 4" off of the bottom of one of your pieces and discard. This piece will now be an 18" x 18" square. Cut the other piece of fabric in half so that you have two pieces each 18"x11". 

You will now have all three peices of fabric you need. 


DIY Eye Pillow

step 2. 

paint eyes on the square piece of fabric. leave a blank frame around the edge of about 2" making sure not to paint into this margin. This is because an inch and a half of fabric will not show after sewing.  

step 3. 

Now the sewing begins. Take one of the rectangular pieces and fold up one of the edges about an inch. You can iron this so it will stay creases and use pins. Sew through both layers along the edge of the fabric. This will create a nice finished hem.  Repeat this step on the other rectangular piece of fabric. 

170826 eye pillow.jpg

step 4. 

After the eye paintings have dried lay that piece of fabric face up on the table. the place the two rectangles on top of the square piece so that the rough edges face you. You are going to sew around the perimeter of the pillow cover while it is inside out and then turn it ride side out. The eyes and the nice side of the hems should be facing inside so you cannot see them. 

measure and mark 1.5" in from each edge. Sew along these lines, you should sew a complete square that is 15"x15". 

DIY Eye Pillow

step 5. 

Your pillow cover is done! turn ride-side-out via the opening in the pack of the cover and stuff it will a pillow insert! 

DIY Eye Pillow