I'm heading home to Western Massachusetts for a few weeks, on my last night in Austin some friends and I decided to have a picnic in Zilker Park. I can't think of better Austin summer night to leave on.  Picnics are so underrated, they cost less and there is no wait for an outdoor table! But my favorite part about picnicking is the pace. We were in no rush to leave, there is no one to ask if we are ready for our check, we can just settle - for hours. 

As if you thought my blog wasn't already seeming enough like a Trader Joes advertisement... here is what I had for dinner -

My pre-made salad was called a "salad palette" this title made me chuckle but also it looked colorful and delicious, a must buy! I also had to get this Matcha yogurt because you know I love all things matcha. What will be matcha flavored next??? Yogurt might be the most unique yet! Or maybe the matcha kit-kats or maybe the oreos... And finally a spiked seltzer. I'm very happy this trend has finally found its way south, I hadn't been able to find spiked seltzer for a while in Texas. I think the brand Truly is new, I love how it is not sweet at all so it's very refreshing. I can probably say with confidence that this is the healthiest picnic meal I have ever head, I usually devour two whole blocks of cheese. (Sam and Valeria just so happened to bring the cherries I posted about last week and give their endorsements as well.) 

We made an abundance of new friends at our picnic. Most-unique-dog-name award definitely goes to "Mystery Bean."  Mystery Bean's owner just moved back to Austin after spending 6 years in San Francisco. He said that Austin has changed a lot since he left, but that it seems for the better! This was very refreshing to hear! People are constantly pointing out how much Austin is changing and only focusing on the negatives. The green space is indeed still flourishing despite the rapid urban growth downtown. 

To top of this lovely Austin summer night, we took a dip in Barton Springs.