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Madewell's "Blue Jeans Go Green"

There is a rad sustainability fad in the architecture world right now where insulation can be made from recycled denim! It is estimated that this process saves 200 tons of waste destined for landfills every month! Denim insulation also provide better indoor air quality and does not irritate skin like typical insulation. If you bring your old jeans in any state of condition to your local Madewell store they will send them for you to "Blue Jeans Go Green" to be made into this product! AND with every donation Madewell will give you $20 off your next pair of jeans! That's probably more than you would get for them if you brought your old jeans to Playtos Closet or Buffalo Exchange and you are doing good things for the environment! Madewell has also teamed up with habitat for humanity so you know your contribution to denim insulation is going to a good home. Your donation can be any denim it does not have to be Madewell brand. If you do not live near a Madewell store, with every purchase they send you a postage-paid envelope to ship your old denim to them. 

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AYR's Aloe Jeans

Did you know every pair of jeans takes an average of 17 gallons of water to produce?! I had no idea until I read about AYR's new Aloe Jeans. Aloe jeans are washed with ozone gas during production which uses less of earths resources. This is a sustainability practice I had never heard of. Not only are these jeans water-use friendly, but they are also made from recycled cotton. Apparently this is rather unprecedented in the high fashion world because achieving uniform looking denim is difficult with recycled fibers. 



Local + global - beautiful products by women who have overcome

"We believe that the end to generational poverty will come when people are able to provide for themselves. We believe in doing the manufacturing in the communities we wish to impact, creating jobs along the way." - Fashionable

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Other Ethical denim lines


G-Star - organic and recycled, fair wages

Bluer Denim - eco friendly, fair labor, made in USA

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